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Features Perfect for Teams

  • Multiple user logins
  • Easily import gifts
  • Use custom tags and labels to organize
  • Receive alerts on problems with giving
  • Track todos and appointments

Your ministry depends on a steady stream of generous financial giving.

While larger organizations have entire departments devoted to development you do not. At best it often feels overwhelming and unsustainable. At worst it can suck the life out of your team.

Even for ministries that have more than one person helping with fundraising achieving and sustaining financial goals is a big challenge. How do you organize and share all of your fundraising information with teammates? How can the director and others easily assess how things are going without it taking up their time and energy?

There is a better way for your team to fundraise

How would it feel to know that all of your ministries fundraising information is available in one place?

What difference would it make to your ministry if instead of dreading your development officer leaving or feeling like you are preoccupied with understanding your financial situation you could instead quickly and confidently view and take action on critical fundraising data?

Experience the difference, start using SupportGoal.

Designed by a missionary for ministries

Karl will

SupportGoal was born when our church planter and founder, Karl, tired of seeing his fellow missionaries struggle with fundraising. Convinced that he could have an impact for the kingdom by creating tools to help missionaries get to and remain on the field he began work on SupportGoal

Influenced by his own experience from a decade of fundraising, SupportGoal delights many missionaries and fundraisers.

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